Friday, May 11, 2012

New Friend

To start this thing off - I have a funny story that happened in Seoul last weekend I want to share. We spent the entire weekend in Seoul because we had our Quad A (Army Aviation Ball) Friday night. We had a blast at the ball, but then we spent Saturday & Sunday hanging out with friends and exploring the city. Saturday afternoon we came across a big festival called the "Seoul Friendship Fair 2012." Tons of different countries were represented in the fest, by having booths where they had traditional outfits, trinkets, & food from their countries. You could buy souvenirs to take home with you, or you could just look at the cool things that came from around the globe. Anyway, besides the booths, they had a stage where a "talent show" of events was being held; different singers, actors, dancers, kung-fu fighters, etc were being show-cased on stage, and these performers came from the different countries represented at this Friendship Fair. The guys were off looking for the Brazil booth so that they could buy margaritas, haha, while the girls sat on the lawn and watched some singers from Russia perform on stage. Not long after we sat down, a Chinese man (maybe around 30 years old?) came up to me and said very enthusiastically, "Hi Lady! Are you from the USA???" I told him yes, and he got a huge grin on his face and said "I guessed right!" as he plopped down beside me on the grass. He then proceeded to tell me that the next group performing was a group from Beijing, China -- and there would be dancers and Kung-fu fighters. He was ridiculously excited for them to come on stage, and he was holding his camera up so that he wouldn't miss a moment when they did. My friends and I all got a good giggle out of his excitement, but he was just trying to share it with someone. As soon as the dancers came onto the stage, our new friend jumped up and literally ran to the very front of the crowd so that he could record THE ENTIRE THING. We were cracking up. He was standing directly in front of the people who were sitting on the lawn trying to watch the performance, but our friend seemed to be oblivious to this. As soon as the performance was complete (kung-fu & all), our new friend RAN back over to my group of friends as he shouted, "WASN'T THAT SPLENDID?!?!?" Trying to hold back my laughter, I assured him that the dancers performed beautifully! The dancers WERE beautiful, but it was just so funny how excited this guy got over his country's performance. It was cute & it makes me smile when I think back on it. :)


  1. Angie! I love it! So excited for you! I can't wait to read more because you have the BEST stories. So sweet how proud that guy was of his country!

  2. Thanks!! :) I loved reading your stories, too!! Technology is so great for being able to help us feel connected while living so far apart. :)