Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Coffee Shops

I have FINALLY learned to like coffee! =) After 25 years of drinking nothing but hot chocolate (which I still love), I can finally enjoy a cup of coffee, too. Yes, yes, I still add lots of cream and sugar, or I'll go for a flavored latte or something, but I have come a long way from not liking any type of coffee whatsoever! In Korea, there seem to be coffee shops on just about every corner! In some places, you'll be able to spot several coffee shops all within a few steps of each other. I'm amazed at how many high-end coffee shops there are here (prices equivalent to Starbucks in the states). Some of them are chains (Angel-In-Us Coffee, Holly's Coffee, Tom n Tom's Coffee, etc), but others I've seen seem to be individually owned (Caffe Del Tren [Coffee Train], Coffee Tomato, etc). Starbucks and Dunkin' Donuts are big over here, as well, so add those coffee shops into the mix and you can picture what I mean about coffee shops literally being everywhere here. I am just so happy that I am finally able to enjoy it with the rest of the world now =).

Coffee 2F & Strada Coffee

I snapped this picture above when Kyle and I were walking around Busan this past weekend. In the picture, you can see two nicer coffee shops side-by-side, and then there was another one directly across the street as I was taking this picture. Three coffee shops all together, but yet, they all seem to do very well and always be crowded with people! 

My favorite - I love the name!

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  1. I love that you said "yes yes I still use creamer" Lovin' that you're rocking the Korean "yes yes yes, no no no!" I love you Ang!